How To Plump Your Lips Easily

Fashion and trends changes day by day. And, having big lips is a fashion of today’s youth, and is just like adding a bit of mystery, glamour and sexiness to an otherwise simple look – just like Angelina Jolie, the very first woman in my memory, known to have gorgeous, eye-catching lips.

Okay, back to the topic. Today I’ll tell you an easy method to plump your lips.

Plump Your Lips Easily

This method will require four ingredients:

1. Coconut oil.

Moisturizing effect of coconut oil has increased general interest in this component as a natural skin care solution. While oil is sometimes used as a remedy for dry skin, it can also be used for lips. Whether your lips are dry, flattened, or anything else, and have an anti-inflammatory effect when applies on skin. i.e., It works well with all lips related problems.

2. Cinnamon.

In Hindi, Cinnamon is known as daalchini. It is made from cutting of cinnamon trees, by extracting inner bark and removing woody parts. Cinnamon is loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants property which is very good for your skin.

3. Cayenne Pepper.

Cayenne pepper is a type of capsicum annum. It is usually a modest hot black pepper used for flavored dishes. Cayenne is a group of chili slurry, 10 to 25 cm long, usually slender, mostly red colored chilli, often with curved tip and somewhat adhesive skin. This has been used for over 3000 years as a natural medicine. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and anti-oxidant flavonoids.

4. Sugar.

Sugar is a sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants, especially sugar cane and sugar beet, consisting essentially of sucrose, and used as a sweetener in food and drink.

Steps to make Plumping Scrub:

  1. Take any empty container.
  2. Put one teenspoonful of coconut oil in it.
  3. Add half teenspoonful of cinnamon and half teenspoonful of cayenne pepper.
  4. Now add half teenspoonful of sugar.
  5. Then mix all the ingredients in a well manner.

6. Now, your scrub is ready to use, fill it in any small box.

7. Use it daily like any lip guard and you will have a plumping lips.


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