How to Repair damaged or unhealthy Hair??

Hey Girls! Are you worried about your damaged, thin, dry or unhealthy hair or If you wants to be your hair looks Messy, Glossy and Beautiful.

Here is the solution. Today I will teach you, How to make Aloe Vera Oil at home.

Believe me its very easy and simple, you just need to follow my steps and you can do it in a couple of time.

Steps to make Aloe Vera Oil at Home

1. First of all you need some coconut oil and or if you don’t have coconut oil then you can also use any other oil but I recommend you to use coconut oil because it works great with Aloe Vera.

2. Now take two pieces of Aloe Vera and cut it in cube sizes.

3. Now take any utensil you would like to be.

4. Now put some coconut oil in it.

5. After four five seconds put the cube size Aloe Vera pieces in it.

6. Now cook it until Aloe Vera gets brown and oil gets yellowish in colour.

7. Now Switch the knob off.

8. Your Aloe Vera Oil is ready, fill it in a bottle and store in a cool and dry place.

How to use Aloe Vera Oil??

  1. Use this Oil 2-3 times in a week like any of other normal oil.
  2. Use it in scalps and massage in a circular motion for Smooth, Thick, Glossy, Soft and Long Hair.
  3. Leave it for 2-3 hours and then wash it with any shampoo whatever you like.


  • Don’t Use Any Shampoo if you use this oil daily.
  • You can wash it with normal water.